is a student-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in the fall of 2018 that provides free one-on-one online tutoring for students in grades K through 12. We strive to help students in need of continued education and tutoring. We partner with organizations that reach out to low-income, immigrant, and refugee students.

Project Art of Learning


Our Mission

Here at Art of Learning, our mission is to provide all young students, regardless of their socioeconomic background, with the resources they need to cultivate a love for STEM and encourage them to pursue their interests in these fields. We aim to do this through our various programs providing tutoring and classes in Computer Science, Math, Physics, and Chemistry. As our society is becoming more reliant on technology, a strong foundation in STEM and problem solving will open countless opportunities for students. At the Art of Learning, we believe that long-term one-on-one instruction is the best solution to minimizing the opportunity gap in order to give students the tools to have a bright future.



Here at Art of Learning, we believe one-on-one tutoring sessions are the most effective way to give a student the chance to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Our first session starts with a diagnosis. Using this diagnosis, our tutors choose which path to go on for the next session in order to provide students with the best tools to trailblaze their own path that is best for them. We value long term one-on-one mentorship as we believe this allows students and tutors to build a trust that fosters a learning environment with a growth mindset. 


How we do it


Our team at Art of Learning is comprised of student volunteers from all over the world. These students are dedicated to finding new methods and techniques to help students. For your convenience, our sessions will be run through Zoom unless requested otherwise.

Math Program

Here at Art of Learning, we understand that no two students are the same, so we begin each student with a diagnostic session to identify the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and to create a personalized curriculum for the student, including personalized lessons, homework help, and worksheets. At the Art of Learning, we also challenge students to go beyond simple memorization and to truly understand the conceptual side of math and to apply these concepts in various ways. We are dedicated to working with your student every step of the way whether they need help with their current curriculum or are looking to move ahead.



Computer programming is becoming an increasingly important and universally useful skill. Students will get the opportunity to gain familiarity with programming, algorithms, networking, and more via an outlined curriculum and tailored lessons! Through the three levels of CS instruction we offer—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—students will learn a variety of computer science concepts, from the basics of the Python language to abstract concepts in data structures and algorithms. Additionally, each level of difficulty has various sets of problems to test and refine the knowledge from the course, ensuring an effective learning environment.

Chemistry is one of the core sciences and teaches us how elements in our world interact with each other, as well as the properties of these elements. At Art of Learning, we will teach students about the various states of matter and their properties, the various atoms and elements present in the periodic table, the properties and characteristics of molecules and compounds, along with how compounds will react with one another. These lessons will be personalized and will cater the needs of the student, allowing for students to learn at their own pace and be able to succeed! Through the help of personalized problems ranging in difficulty, the student will learn at their expected difficulty level, and if needed, will be challenged to do more difficult problems as they start to master certain topic areas.


English and Languages Program

A student may have strengths lying outside the fields of English and Languages. Here at the Art of Learning, we tailor our curricula to provide students with the most efficient lesson plans to grow confidence in these subjects. Students are given diagnostic exams to prepare them for a personalized lesson plan; these lessons can range from basic grammar and sentence structure to advanced essay-writing and internship applications. Our mission is to provide students with a quality education that will allow them to gain a deeper understanding of these versatile and highly relevant subjects.


Physics Program

Physics is the fundamental science of our lives. It helps us organize the daily life activities we partake in. At Art of Learning, we will teach students various interactions between energy, matter, space, and time. We will help them understand the basic phenomena in nature and help them delve into the world of physics.


Relief for Ukraine

With the recent events of the Russo-Ukrainian war, millions of Ukrainian refugees have been displaced from their homeland into foreign nations seeking asylum. At Project Art of Learning, we are heartbroken to witness the destruction and division caused by this conflict. We decided to partner with the Slavic Refugees and Immigrants Services Organization in order to connect with Ukrainian refugees in the United States and help them to adjust to a new life with our free tutoring services.